Saturday, September 19, 2009


Thanks for the money Alya :) Eh, 1000 Rupiah tukar balik baru dapat berapa RM je :D
Btw, thank you daun keladi.

Did you really yell 'Give me an incubator or give me death'?

Yaww ! I arrived at Perlis safely around 12 pm . I was quite exhausted during that time cause Perlis has a hotty weather. Skip about the weather. Move on to the broke fast section. OMG, I just love Perlis food. Fish grill. Yummay ! The price is also affordable and reasonable compare to Kuala Lumpur.

Today, I baked a cake. I mean, I helped my grandma to baked it. I can smell the aroma :D Tomorrow is Eid Mubarak. I can't wait to eateat and EAT! Don't forget kids favourite part, cash $$$ Btw, Selamat Hari Raya people ! Maaf zahir dan batin. Forgive all my mistakes please? To that immature bitch, thank you for calling me fucker and bodoh. I really appriciate it. Call me whatever you like people. You'll get a sin, God pay cash for you. And I will always say 'Thank You'. I'm the girl who not easily ashtonish that what you've done to me. And I'm the one who has a deaf ear while people talk something bad about me. Macam ah kau pandai sangat nak cakap aku bodoh en? FYI, manusia memang bodoh ah. Allah je yang MAHA BIJAKSANA. Kau cakap ah aku bodoh fucker zillion times pun, aku dapat pahala. Kau dapat dosa. Padan muka ! :P Macamla aku kisah en. Nanti, terkena kat kau juga :)

Macam pantun oh :D

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