Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Too romantic.

Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army.

Hey. School was awesome. My buddies were making some dinned. LOL ! Well, I played Uno Stacko, Uno cards, The Life and chess. I love The Life game ! I made too loads of babies. Hakim said I was extremely passionate to get babies and married. Gahaha ! It's just a game, Hakim. Or else I dah lama married to Jensen Ackles:D And I'm a millionaire:D Speaking about Uno stacko, I was the suckish player among my classmates. I mean, my gang. My fingers were all vibrating. I removed the blocks. The building was unstable, and fell down. Conclusion, I'm a looser in this Uno Stacko game.:(

After recess, we received our Science UPSR paper section A. Dude, panic gila. Oh so nevermine, I gained 29 over 30. A bit yahoo. Damn the badminton court question. The answer is C. The cubic centimetre thingy. Then , we discussed about our future school. Aiman wanted to go to MCKK. Some of them are going to RMC. Yunee said that her brother has been bullied by his seniors while he was in Form 1. When her brother reached Form 5, he bullied his juniors. Pergh, 2 x 5 je :p She said RMC student gained a muscle. Woah !

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