Sunday, August 1, 2010


Spot me! I'm the one with the blue shirt number 0590 :)

Hey earthlings! Are you fine? If you're fine, good. Now, I have to be a temporary handicap girl. Why? Because I ran about half of Taman Melawati yesterday. I walk like a handicap! Like a itik pulang petang. Slow motion walk. I cramped my legs. I look like a penguin. Haish, tomorrow my friends will be jeering me. Seriously. But still, I enjoyed the cross country very much. 6 kilometres. The boys ran double from the girls. Cayalah korang! Imagine, boys ran until Desa Melawati. Girls had to ran up the hill. So tired. I saw this old lady, jogged all around Taman Melawati! First, I met her at the hill. Then, I met her again infront of the Tamil school. WOW!   

But I am still proud. I managed to overcome my closest friends and my friends that are quite tall, including boys! This cross country was very fun. I wanna do it again for next year :)

I was quite disapointed cos I was in the top 30++! Like, 33 or something. Uhh, if I sprinted, maybe I will won. Hmm, nevermine. I'll better training it from now. Who knows, maybe I can win next year.

Melawati Carnival was awesome. Yunee and Nadiah also came yesterday. Surprisingly, I brought 40 bucks to school and I didn't spend even 1 cent! Awesome right? Thanks to Amirul cos he treated me a tiramisu.

Me being ugly, stink and exhausted.

Just studied for BM, English and Science. I'm freaking scared for Science chapter 4! Argh. Dear August, please don't make me down. Will you? My Yamaha piano exam is in 3 weeks. Pass pass pass. Set up in your mind, Mira. If I pass this exam, I can continue for a Yamaha Diploma. Oh come on, who doesn't want a diploma?

 Happy August!

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