Friday, August 20, 2010

Remember Me?

 1000++ friend request. HAHA! Okay, not funny. Sorry :(

 Do you miss me?

Sorry for my rude absence, dear readers! I've been busy with my preparations for my dearest Grade 6 piano exam and school assignment lately. So, hows your Ramadhan so far? My one is good. I received my school exam results with a cheerful face. I increased a lot for BM and Maths and the other subjects too. But, I decreased my Visual Arts! From B to C =.= Okay, this is the worst mark that I ever gained in my life! Man, my new teacher is so strict about Visual Arts. Heh, she's an examiner for SPM Visual Arts. No wonder. About the class position, it was quite. satisfying. Increase lagi :D
 First day of Ramadhan.

It was raining cats and dogs lately. Hari-hari mesti hujan. Balik sekolah mesti baju basah. But my school uniform tak basah lencun kuyup semua tu. Biasa je cos I will cover with my tudung. Actually, I always want to have an experience mandi hujan basah lencun. The one thing I hate about basah lencun is, transparent. When our school uniform become wet, the cloth will transform into transparent and people will completely see your sexy body. 100%. Ouch. It will be more worst, if your school uniform is purely white. Lol.

Moving on, my Friday is not something you would want to hear about. It was a regular Friday, I went to piano class today to practiced my whole exam pieces. Went to school after that and we had Maths on the first period as usual. We're gonna end Maths chapter by next week, I think. I also received one bad news today. I have to do another History assignment for PMR. Okay, I'm totally gonna be freaking dead student who stayed in front of the laptop for a long time. This is secondary school life. Dead.

Someday, I wish.

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