Monday, August 23, 2010

A Day Before The Crucial Exam

Finally. I can write something on dearest blog right now. I just don't really know what to write now cos I'm currently in the state of anxiety. Nyeh, tomorrow I'm having a piano exam. Argh, relax Mira. Pray to God, a lot.

This morning, I dind't go for ICTL class cos my mom ask me to practise piano at home though. I reached at school about 10 minutes before the assembly started.  Listened to the teachers talk. I was quite glad that my class gained second position for Cleanliness Class Competition. After assembly, my BM teacher had an oral so I asked my teacher to tested my oral first. I can do it very well. Hmm, then as usual. I had Science -  I already learned the last topic in Form 1. Maths? Teacher gave us a rest. For Religious Study, just did some notes and for History, teacher explained to us about the folio. Nyeh, I almost done my folio.

Now, I should get off from the laptop and refresh my fingers and review some exam pieces, Improvisation, Hearing and Sight Playing. 


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