Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grade 3 ABRSM

I woke up in the morning like 5.20 am for sahur. I ate some dates and drank 3 glasses of plain water. Then, I slept again until I woke up back on 8 am. I hit the shower and get dressed as fast as I can. Since my piano teacher had to go for a concert, he asked me and friends to come at 9 till 10 am. So far, my teacher said I can play my exam pieces very well. Hmm, I glad to hear that. I was doing my improvisation and what did teacher said?

Mr R. : Amira, do you got distinction for ABRM?
Me : Err, I didn't get the result yet.
Mr R : I saw your results. You got distinction, congratulations!

I was so freaking, shock during that time. I just probably can't believe it! This is my first time for ABRSM. I taught I'm gonna pass my exam not to flying colours but wow. Impressive, haha. I also received RM50 from Yamaha and RM10 from Mr R. Yay :D

134/150, nice.

Mr R. talked to my parents included my friends parents after the class. He said that I improved a lot since I was 11 and so on. He gave me a big compliment, according to my dad. In the class, I and Li Shea took ABRM for Grade 3 and I'm the only one got distinction. One of them are already in Grade 5. I was so honoured. Hehe, my friends parents also said "CONGRATULATIONS!" I was like, "hehe thank you" :D Miss C - my ABRM teacher also very happy for me. Nyeh nyeh nyeh. Going to grade 4 next year :)

After class, my parents decided to buy a new clothes for me at Sungei Wang. They probably happy for my distinction. Hehe.

Dear readers,

Wish me luck for my Yamaha Grade 6 on this Tuesday :)

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