Thursday, August 5, 2010


Dear faithful blog readers, August test was officially over. But it dind't make any difference. Tomorrow I'm gonna get English, Maths and Geography results. I got an apple for Science. So far, August test was pretty okay. Lol, I always said that for every exam *_*.

 I woke up on a very warm Thursday morning at about twenty minutes past five am early in the morning with no first thoughts but a blank mind. I forgot some of the History facts. I know, this thing shouldn't happened. Everybody knows that I love History like, yeah. I ate 5 pieces of Gardenia with butter during sahur. Then, I studied some History facts and I managed to remembered all of them! I slept after that and I woke up back about five minutes past nine am. Read History again till' I managed to catched up all those Johor stuffs.   

I went to school at 12.30 pm with wet school uniform. It was raining cats and dogs. Met Emir after that and I asked him for Skittles. I ate 2 balls of Skittles and only God knows how much yummy it was. After morning session students had gone back, I went to class to revised a bit for History. During that time, I realised that I accidently ate Skittles with a guilty feelings. I was fasting! Okay, nevermine. Maybe God wanted to gave me a provision. Hehe.

During Visual Art test, I was really bored. I finished the tone colouring for 35 minutes. For History, I finished it in 30 minutes. Then, the exam was officially done! Everybody was shouting like yadi yadaaaa. Oh come on. This is not PMR or SPM.  You don't have to clapped  your hands out or shouted like hell in school. Moreover, you even haven't finish your end of year exam yet. Pervert students nowdays.

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