Monday, November 29, 2010

Mind Of Books

 How I spend my holidays.

Hi everybody. Again, I have to say sorry to all of you because I haven't update this blog for a long time a go. It's 29 November 2010 and I'm starting to blogging again! First of all, I didn't update this blog cos I went back to Perlis last week. Then, I have to study form 2 subjects and study for music theory. I play piano quite a lot this week especially when my teacher gave me 4 songs in a row.
And the latest, I went to my class party at Pizza Hut with classmates. Do I need to elaborate it? I guess no. Ate Hawaiian pizza, went to Wangsa Walk and played at the arcade. Again, I played the Pickup Doll and I didn't get anything. I was just watching Amirul played the Pickup Sweets game and he got a lot! Ahaa, but he still gave me some of them. Nyehehe. 
p/s : Damn, every shopping mall is full of kids right now.


• Alya • said...

waaa. rjen la mira >.<

MIRA said...


Bolehlah. Rajin sikit-sikit je :D