Monday, November 15, 2010

Second Last

 Location : Love Room

Hi everyone! How's your day, readers? Mine was good. It was a second last day for school and I played a lot with my friends. I spent about 5 hours to played The Life game. Haha, I do have a life kay? I always get a life points! Hehe. I managed to became a billionaire too. I became a singer for the wedding. 1 Qudus combined with 1 Maju in 5 Efektif class today because the quantity of the students was quite little, so yeah. The class was quite purple-ish and dark, I should say that. It has two storerooms in the class. One of my favourite storeroom - Love Room.

I also received a class picture for this year. Apparently, I only received a candid picture. I will get a formal picture tomorrow. And an examination slip. And meet friends. So that means, I have to go to school. For the last day of school. For 2010.

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