Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Facebook : Reveal Everything

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Greetings, loved ones. Pardon me for my manners, will you? It's a Wednesday night and I got nothing else better to do other than surfing the net. I got my exam results, so I am quite satisfied with it. Nothing much at school. Just playing around and sleep like an indolent cat, haha. I have no mood to sign in my Facebook these day, seriously. If you're a type of person who appreciate MSN or chatbox, then give me five. Now, I'm talking about wall post on Facebook. For my personal review, I would say that wall post is not a place for you to chat. Expecially when it's involving a long chat. What for if somebody invented messenger or chatbox if you dind't make use of it? Well, I might say that some people are trying to show off their talks like they kononnya rapat gila with someone popular or they like other people to know what they talking about?

Ahh, your life seems to be so unprivate in Facebook. You want to reveal your whole life in Facebook. Your parents fight, you say it on Facebook. You got a new boyfriend/girlfriend or break up with them, you tell Facebook. Then, the whole school (if you add your schoolmates) or other people who might be 100% stranger will know. If you want to say something short and unimportant or wish, maybe wall post is suitable. If involving chatting or other information, just use a chatbox or message la. Call me Miss Flinstones if you think that I am so lame. YES, I am lame. I am lame because I don't expose my private life to the whole world. Not to forget, actually I do hate my friends when they tag me in their status which is involving my feelings like "Najwa Amira, why are you so sad in school last evening? What happened to you?" Ahh, I hate that okay! Please, don't tag me like that. I just don't like it if the whole Facebook knows what I feel. I ain't that pathetic. Unless, you type a status for your own self like "I'm bored", "I'm scared for exam results", "I miss holidays" or whatsoever that link to each other.


 It just depends on you. It's your choice, your life and your ways. Like I said, it just for my personal review. It's not meant for anybody, okay? I am sorry if you feel umbrageous because of this post. Lastly, thanks a million to you! You are still here reading my tedious, inner thoughts. Without you, I will never have an enthusiasm to update this blog.

Najwa Amira.

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