Monday, November 1, 2010

New November

I can breathe properly right now!

HI EARTHLINGS! Finals has just kissed my ass goodbye I'd like to forget about it as I'm not really happy with the way I answered it expecially Geography and Maths paper 2. The teacher who set the paper for Maths too cruel I should say that. I mean, 97% Melawatians said paper 2 was hard! Even form 2 said so. I just knew that I got A for Science. Hmm,that doesn't make me happy either. The most interesting part, only several people in my class got freaking A for Religious Study and Geography. Waa, what on Earth is going on here?! Urgh, whatever. I tried my best and I did study for exam. It's not I fooled around during examination week. Let just say, I worked hard for it and I surrender to God? K, done.

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