Friday, May 22, 2009


I'm falling, spinning but won't hit the ground.


I love you.Everyday you make me happy.You treat me like a princess.Lately,i've been ignoring you.Sorry.That's you Tary Robinson.My cheerful tortoise.Hey Tary,did you remember?You're 4 years old!I mean,i recorded your date(since i bought you).

I have a reality story.I've took care 4 tortoise before,plus Tary Robinson.First,Tarry Robinson.Im so excited that im gonna get my tortoise.Wee lala.Than,Tarry Robinson died in 3 months.I was crying and being so sad all weeks long.Second,Tarryna Robinson.It died in 2 months.Goshh,only God knew how much my heart __________.Third,Tamy Robinson.It died in only 3 dayss!The mistake is,Tamy can't accept the warm water.Lastly,Tary Robinson.You keep company me since 9 years old.I heart you Tary:)


Me and Nahd were talking about couple,last morning.Okey,why did every couples have to break up?Er,not all of them.But,can't they tolerate each other?Must they fight all day long?So,you don't have to couple at all unless you're really beliave the true love of you two.


nurul hidayah roslan said...

salam mira!!!!

lame tak chat!

nurul hidayah roslan said...

and good luck untuk UPSR..dayah pon taun ni UPSR gak!!