Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wayyyy Back

When you're still a child,enjoy your life the best you can.


Haha,Danial just read my essay.He doesn't understand what i'm wrote about.Perhaps to much bombastickk words?Maybe?:D

Back To

I wish i can.I wish i could.But i can't.I want to correct my own mistake.Heh,you've just wish something nonsense,Mira.Flashback,remind all those things.Imagine,if every year you got 100%.All subjects.Imagine that?Wthell you're talking about,Mira?Haish '_' Look at the picture,last year picture.At Scotland masa tu.
Sumpah tak comel:( Haha,now dah matured baru comel:)


I'm a vain girl.Do i?Vanity too.Vanity can be very powerful in my life.So,don't get mad if i have this attitude.I won't put up my nose up-up in the air,cause i just want to try how awful they are with this attitude.:) Well,teenAGERS love to try something new right?

Biatch,Bitch,Enemies.I don't have any.Perhaps i do.Please don't get mess with me.Once i hate you,i hate you forever.What happen to my friends?Are they being biatchess to me?Please,before i hate you,change!But not all of them are biatch.They're a good joker who have brighten my life.Thank youu Danial,kau buat aku gembira tersenyum meleret-leret plus Amzar sekali ya?


Syok tadi.Suraya tak habis-habis buat lawak.Ko pun dah pergi asrama Muqsit?Haishh,bestnya.You're so popular right now.Ko sorang je dapat masuk sekolah tahfiz kan??Gerak Gempur also is the best way to improve myself.Haha,exams pun around the corner.Rarely online.Byee.And thanks,to the lovely ones,who always read my blog.Once i love you,i love you forever,-if you make mess with me,i'm the first gonna be your worst enemy.I make your life tripple misrable.

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