Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Friends For

Stoppp laughing,its reality,not fantasy.

Gila punya signboard.I kick your ass kang.Sapela yang buat?Hello humans.My day is full of suprises,every day.Farah bought the electronic dictionary.It's fun!I've searched for many words,expecially the rude words.Mary and me tried to search the 'fuck' and 'puki' word.I was so suprise the puki word.It was so,very,seriously a rude word.Okey,what about fuck?Fuck,fuck you,fucker,fucking and etc.Different section,different meaning.

Okey,today my teacher just gave me the KH thing.Wood,bulb/battery holder and some nails.Im gonna do that for the KH exam.Heh?If i dind't do proper,minus marks.Grrr.And i hate this part,the most,i have to draw everything about the project plussss make a scrap book about it.Someone,help me?:D.I rather do the Science 'Main Mind Map'than do the drawing thing.Pleasssse,help me????

My Science teacher are currently searching for the Young Scientist.At lasttt,she made a decision!Two girls from the Murni-ers were rejected.One boy from Murni-ers,and one boys for Ehsann-ers.Such a lovely boys.It was just the girls dind't speak in English.The boys talk fluently in English,confident and blahhhs.

One of the boys,Adam.He was a choral speaking member.Kenit je Adam.But he speaks like Mat Salleh and his head was like a screw when he recite the choral speaking.Well,me and Adam was the best choral speakers in face expression and blahhhs.Bangga:)And,he's not like other boys.He was good in Science and,he's a good boy.

Sometimes i gaga.Talk to myself alone.Do a such freako things.Sometimes i sing in the class,suddenly.Well,im totally need a new friends.Perhaps 13+++?Add me as a friend ya,MYSPACE
And,my MSN,

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PiNkY | alisa said...

woo. bahaya jalan ni ye kak mira! :P