Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It's you and be you.It's me just me.


When boredom strikes,i think this world is gonna be Hell.Sometimes,i do.Expecially in class.Murni-ers.The most noisy class in year 6.Not really actually.Hahas.Okey,imagine if our class is full of musical instrument except for the recorder thing.Yeah,bored.I've jamming with my classmates with guitar.Expecially the Hotel California.Maybe and addiction for that.Check out my previous post,okey!Class,when boredom rules my life,im gonna sleep or study.Or,chatting and gossips.Such a wasting time,i knew that.

Last morning,Melawati 2 has held the Gerak Gempur thing.My brain is also shaking.And im so sleepy.Like ate a dozen of sleeping pills.My everyday bed,table.

Ustaz told us not to play the Spirit Game.Haha,i dah tahu nak main ustaz!But,im so not gonna play.Syiriklah.Lukis bulat at drawing block tulis here and there,and taraaaa.Don't forgot your blood!Then,just wait for the spirit:)

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