Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My heartbeat is stronger than ever.UPSR,darlinggg.:)

Hotel California

After study,i just played this song.Haha,best juga lagu ni.Tak jemu mendengar:)

UPSR Tercinta,

Sayang,I'm fucking damn so stress nak jumpa you.Asal you beria-ria nak jumpa Mira and friends hah?What so special about us?Yeahh,i knew that.Taman Melawati 2 pupils over popular kannn?Haha,you pun can't wait to let me and friends stress here and there?:p

Aduhai,tomorrow.Exams.Next week,more exams.Ok,last week,exam.From the South Wales thing.I took Science.I swear,i dapat Science tinggi pun(hehe) can't answer that question.Fucking damn difficult.Entah-entah,secondary can't answer that thing?Freaking question came out.The name of keturunan yang kena seperated 126 millions lahh,apalah.Out of syllabus.Malaysian students,i tabik metal kat you if you can get High Disctinction!

Heyyy,i've made this emo-shit list.

  • Electronic Dictionary.Mamaaaa sayanggg,Mira nak this thiinngggg!
  • Study ? - okay. I've been such a bimbo doing nothing , I feel guilty for being edu-less
  • High-waisted skirt with suspenders
  • Denim skirt
  • White Handbag(i have 5 black handbags,duhh)
  • Buy revesion books
  • Practise piano and guitar,my exam is around the cornerrr(heh)
  • Waiting for the new piano to come at my house,lalaooo.

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