Wednesday, May 27, 2009



I was so panic during the Maths paper 1 test.Of course,i have to hentam 8 questions.I think the teacher dind't check her watch properly.Dude,it's 1 hour.Not 50++ mins.Teacher,you better check the time included the passing thing,okey?
Like,my answer was so shit.The question are quite tough,but UPSR will be more tougher than that.I hope 1 or 2 of them correct,or else,i'll be a dead meat.Thank God,paper 2 was too easy.I feel like,i can get 40 for paper 2.:D
Tomorrow,my everyday favourite subject,Science.Do the best,and beat the rest!


My friends were so addict to cube game lately.Who started it heh?Okey,my papa was very great in this game.Haha,you have to know all those formula.I can get all those colours in instant time,(sometimes).Hahas.I not that great as my papa.Remember all those formula,then you can play it easily.Actually,im not so like about this game.Just because of friends,i like it.:p


I've lost my watch at my Religion School last evening.Damn,someone stold my watch.Thank God,it's just a KFC free watch.To the evil thieve:Last evening you answered Tauhid's paper right?Have you seen the type of sin?Yap,that's you!You've made a sin.Stold other people things.May God bless you,amin!I will forgive you,if you give it back.And im crying.I don't have any watch more:( The other watches have no batteries.Yes,this is the most bad day that i ever HAD!Maths,hentam.Watch,hilang.See,i've made a rhyme.Haishh,sad:(

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