Wednesday, June 24, 2009



Hey life tracker!You are a life tracker.I'm so tired now actually. I so feel like sleeping now ! My bed's waiting for me. Heee.I got home around 2 something.And had Wendy's for lunch.Anyway ,it's almost the weekends.And I don't have any homework.Not so weee. I feel like crying now.Arghh!Cause i'm really like stress.UPSR,again.

Fucking Happy

I feel so intoxicatedly blessed. Haha. Guess what , Mama got her own laptop yesterday and that means this Acer is finally mine. Yay :)Mama bought this little mini white laptop for herself.


I'm currently miss my little brother in London,i miss my neighbour Brandon who always seem to disturb me.Hahas.I want to play with you:D I miss being seven, I miss the old carefree days, I miss the stench of the cinema, I miss the Linkin Park songs.Ya, the one with the exclamation mark.I miss the United Kingdom.I miss Stella.I miss running around in the rain. I miss my childish life.I miss my old exams.I miss everything i want to miss.Now,is anything missing ?My dearest UPSR,74 days.Got that?

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