Thursday, June 25, 2009



Hey peeps.I am currently blogging with Bangi Kopitiam Wifi.Hee.I am so tired actually.Very.Some of the teachers dind't come,so my friends and i stoled the time.Yeah,you know Amaline Che Bakri?She got 17 As for 2005 session?Thats her tips.And i think it's a good idea.See?My Maths marks are getting very gratifying.Haha,envy me!


I saw some of my teachers at Bangi Kopitiam.Wait,there's a gossips.Blahhs,i'm so not gonna tell you.And i'm so not that bealive what's infront of my gloomy eyes.Is that true?


I'm currently chatting with lots of boys at myspace right now.I don't know they are so irritating.Yeahh,itchy boys.Can you stop asking me about couple?I know,i'm single.But i'm a UPSR candidate la weyh.I want to gain 5As.Same as you right?Oh ya,73 days left.And you know what?I saw Adi Putra(the genius Maths) at Bangi Kopitiam right now.And he is holding a SLR camera.


Anonymous said...

hye!i hope u can do it at UPSR..


farihah said...

whoa.. mira... meet adi putra at Bangi Kopitiam? Is that really? Haha.... so lucky :D well, I know why the boyz in Myspace love to ask you 'bout couple. You're still single and you are quite cute (tell me your secret bout keeping your skin fair!) ehm ehm... don't 4get to visit my blog yeah...

najwaamira said...

Heee,i'm not that fair actually.Perhaps natural beauty?:D