Saturday, June 27, 2009



Hey earthlings.Sorry for my absence. Did any of you had internet difficulties just like I did yesterday?The services provided are getting worse and worse each day.Agree?I'm currently blogging at Kopitiam again.Hahas.The speed of the wifi is very delicate,you know.Nothing fun much about yesterday. Just the fact that Yunee gave me two bottles of nail polish,for my birthday.Yes,envy me.She loves me.Get that?


Overall,today was just hectic. I guess 'overworked' is the suitable word.My parents took the report card.Blahhhs.My marks were un-consistant.At least i get all As for my English.Jai ho!Damn the Science.Haish.Sorry readers, I think I have to start using polite words when it comes to expressing my thoughts.:D


My dearest friends,was so shocked about the MJ deaths.Haha,you're gone for good,MJ.Yayyy,Mickey Jackson has perished.You're never thankful to God.You've did all those lousy treament for your face.And,that's it.Your face like a monkey:) But,i do love your songs.Most of them,i heart Beat It.Yeah,owner of this Kopitiam is tuning all those MJ songs.

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