Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Windy Bitzy


Hey peeps.I've just got my "lovely" food. Damn the Mcflurry. The size of the container and the Mcflurry "stuff'' is as big as the creator's brain.I probally can't finish it.Heee.Anyway,seriously.Today seems lifeless since I was probably half dead all the time.Most of the time,i think i'm gonna half-fail the damn mid-year exam cos I haven't paid much attention in absolutely,er,everything.Ohh,i just don't know.I do paid attention,very.And i just got 4A 1B.I know,not that
gratifying right? Damn Science.My section B was more stronger than the other exams.Damn it,section A.Shit,my parents will come to school to take my report card.OhmyGod,i'm sure i will be scold.Humans,should my books be more seducing,magnifient,to attract me to read it and do some revisions?My dearest vvip UPSR is currently,in 75 days.Yes,every single day,my parents,friends,and teachers,will remind me.Thank you.


I repeat it again.After UPSR,i want to disperse.Yes,i hope can gain 5As.I know,i'm sure i make you regurgitate reading my blog,ay?Who cares?This is my blog,not yours.Najwa Amira,i bet your 5A's is in your hand!

Forever is fine

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