Tuesday, June 30, 2009



Yes,it sounds weird.But it's the truth.People will always said this"You're so lucky".Okey,straight to the point.My schoolmate loves me.Gosshh,i admit it.He is so not smart.Sorry,i dind't mean to make you down.I love you Miraaaaaaaa.Kiss me through the phone.Again,it makes me regurgitate.Whattheheckk?You're dind't got 5As,concentrate on your studies.Not LOVE.If you love me,thankyouverymuch.I love other boys too.For me,i treat my friends just the same.Friends are special.Sorry,harsh word again heh?As for me , I just tell people off when I feel like it.Sorry.:)

The Climb

There it goes.I have to climb all those mountains to reach my dreams.So far,my trial isn't that hard.I mean,moderately okey.Did i mention about my Upsr trial?The teachers make it last minute.But,no worries.I've ready:) Relax,Mira,relax.I probally couldn't sleep at night, so i've just opened my Ipod,and played slow songs to soothe me to sleep.The most exciting part,i've download all those Taylor Swift and David Archu's songs.Seriously,your songs are way awesome.Our song and You belong to me and Zero Gravity and The Show are pretty sure among the best.So,you can ask me to sing all those songs,anytime,anywhere.Join me?

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