Monday, June 15, 2009


Free Show.

Heyya.School was so nice,no homework.I mean,just a few pages.Good results gave me spirit to learn.Hee.I get the highest marks for Sivic.Awesome right?98,pffht.Hakim made my whole class watch his free choir performance plus opera. Ope-boring.He loves to make a free show.Perhaps you can perform your show at Culture Palace?Hehe.:D


Ahhhh,maybe I just should stop putting more mental force on myself. Sooner or later,this little brain affliction will soon be gone.The thing that made me happy today is,my Maths answer become very brillient.I know,i'm so weak in Maths,seriously.And today,i can score my Maths paper easily.Thank God.


OMG, I'm so really very famished. I want to grab some food at my neigbour house,hehe,but I just feel so tired and of course,lazy.Haishhh.Pluss ,i feel so sorry for myself.Seems like I've been spending so much time pressuring myself on my future UPSR exam.It makes me stress,almost everyday.I just want my life back.No pressure,and all those misery stuff.
Heee,I need to stop before I start to attract oafs with lame emo shit to my site.OMG,what happen to me?Hehhh,i think i'm quite retard.I knew that.I'm such a stupid retard girl,right?All carefree and all intense on just having fun.Hehe.Blahsss,emo fuckshit.Thanks,to Yunee,for brighting my day.Iloveyou,as a best friend.Okeyy?

If I could fall, into the sky, do you think time, would pass me by???????????????

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