Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This song is very romantic!

Hey peeps.It's typical bloody Wednesay.First of all,welcome to the word of blog,Amal.And the most proud part is,she wrote my name in her blog.Weee.Amal's Xanga Blog.By the wayy,enjoy your blog dude.And do thanks to me for introduced that Xanga and catchy writing thing.Sanga or Xanga?I think it's almost the same.But no worries Blogspot.I adore you the most!

Err,i thinked someone watched me this morning.He gave a long nasty looks to me.That makes my face became wrinkles again.I don't want to be an old little hyper girl.Whatsoeverloser.Don't get make me disgust you,or else i'll give you the most annoiying and irritating prank that you will have.I'm so sure you want it :) Well,at least i gain an Apple for BM.*Drumroll please*I just checked out my Facebook.There's a lots of Super whatever game.Okey le:D

Blahsss,my piano teacher ask me to practise this song.HSM3:Can I Have This Dance.I almost reach it.Weeee.Speaking of romantic songs, i can finally play Bella's Lullaby song on the piano.I heart this song.Very.I wonder if i can play with the guitar?


AmS said...

Yah, Raa, thx so much for the work. <3 ya! :)

najwaamira said...

Your welcome:)