Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tag Dari Hanis Aqilah


Yeah!!Akhirnya,permintaan Mira di makbulkan.Sebab,Mira minta kat Kak Hanis untuk kasi tag..Haha...Ini dia...Silalah ke blognya yang ceria ini.CLICK HERE

1)What are u doing yesterday ?
Online internet,reading,and homework.

2)What are u doing today ?
Same as yesterday.

3)Between Orchid and Tulip , which u love most ?
Both! :D

4)Between Rose and Hibiscus , which u love most ?
Both again! :p

5)Who are the newest frined u get in MySpace ?
Nisa Athirah

6)What song that u just heard ?
I Want To Rock The World by One Nation MC(i guess)

7)Where u go just now ?

The Lucky Person Who Being Tagged:


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