Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Life's just far too short for miscommunication.

Yaww.I dind't update my blog for a few days for some reasons.Miss me?You're gonna kiss me=D I chatted with my petsis, Amanie and my petbro sister, Tasya.Included Soffia too.Well,I have 2 trials in a same time this week.Religious school and normal school?Haha.I think my head is going to explode, for sure.Yo,3 weeks to go.AHHHH!Like hello?All the pondering about the test in my head is cramming impulses in asking me to hit the books.See, my fingers starting to vibrate right now.Goshh, my heart says "Yo Najwa Amira, you're ready babe".Oh yeah, I do get 5As.The teacher said "If you get 5As for your trial,usually you'll get 5As." Okay, I don't know why my heart keep telling me that the teachers predict were wrong.No, I suppose to trust them, not denying them.Haha.

So,Maths and BM were easy.Fuhh, thank God!Religious exam?Whoa, I taught my brain kept only 30% of knowledge last evening.I didn't know that I managed to answered all the question correctly.Er, I mean 100% confident with my answers.Not the over confident la.
Probably, my kind of place after I finish school and other stuffs.I have to leave home around 7 early in the morning tomorrow.It's like going to school so I can't sleep late tonight.I need plenty of rest, it's blowing my brain to kingdom come.I am currently counting down every second. I shall not repeat my mistakes at trials.I shall not get my brain all tangled up tonight. I shall not stay up late. I shall not think of anything else.You just don't understand how important this is to me.I might sound dramatic or whatever but at least I'm not pretending.As I said,5As and CBN!Oh yeah, included the Religious school too.9As.So, add up 9 and 5.Yes,14 As.

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