Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Made You

A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.

5 Murni.Amin and Praakash.Murni-ers always love you.

Greetings earthlings.For some reasons,I wrote the title as "I Made You".My classmates obssesed to We Made You song.It's a pretty song actually.It's like orchestra mixed with some percussions.For my opinion la.I had a pleasant day today.I'm answered my exams in a cold temperature.It's raining heavily and I'm sleepy.Well,there so much stories happened in school today.Expecially the relationship between Farah and Amin.Hahas.Last morning,while 4th and 5th Grader were having so much fun with the Road Safety or something (6th Grader were so jealous during that time) Farah decided to read Mei Yin's composition book for BM.So,she took it from Mei Yin's table.You know what happen?Read this convo=)

Amin : Hahaa.Muahahaa.(Laughing and giggling with his friends.He walked like a drunk person)
Farah :Mei Yin,can I read the book?
Mei Yin :Sure.

When Farah started to reach the book,

Farah :Ahhhh!Ewww gross!
Hakim :Ewww,Farah gatal!Farah gatal!
Farah :No,I'm not!I just want to take a book that's all!
Amin :Fuh,nasib baik tak kena center part .If not_______
Farah :Ewww!Ewww!It's like 5 mm dah nak kena your____.Ewww!Dah ah kena peha you oh!Eww!

Then, the mouth war started to begin.Teeeheee:) Farah put as many as she can the Dettol hand sanitizer to avoid the germs from Amin's _____.Haha,tak pasal je en.I laughed like an evil Setan.Haahaha!Grrr,dah funnay,gelak jelah.Okay,Maths paper was neutral.Penulisan was freaking easy!Cause I the did the essay before.Weeeho!I only answered it in 35 minutes.So called miracle.Oh yeah,Naddy came to school today.Haha,her eyes was bloody red like vampire,as you know.The teacher scolded her.Kesian.Takyah datangla esok=P Maybe she would not come.She just came to school cause she afraid about the Maths exam and the South Wales Maths exam too.Speaking of South Wales exam,I become nervous suddenly.I don't know I can pass the exam with flying colours or not.Duhh,what do you expect?The Science subject from Australia is OUT OF SYLLABUS!Okay,I dare you.Name me 3 names of the star.Nahh,you don't know.It's not about the constellation.Name me 3 names of the birds family.It's like keturunan or something.I remembered the name of the stars.Like Metro 616.If I not mistaken.Heh.

Some of my classmates wore mask today.They looked like a doctor,dude.The most exciting part,Zack wore a mask.Pffftt.Zack seorang yang gatal!He supposed to wore the mask between mouth and nose.Heee:) But he wore his mask at his eyes.Blind la sangat.Then,he started to meraba-raba orang.Thank God,he almost raba me.Ewww!When he sneazed,his air-liur kena kat mask and kena his nose.Serve you right,baybeh!

Malas ah nak private.Can you please tak cari pasal lagi,boleh tak kak?

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