Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fantastic 6

Bill Gates is a very rich man today... and do you want to know why? The answer is one word: versions.

Greetings earthlings.Sorry for my absence.I'm pretty exhausted yesterday.The motivation ended around 11.20 pm.I met many new friends,5th grader pupils.I met my dearest classmates too.Teeehee:) We became a big family although we had a fight,lately.The most anoiyying 5th grader boy,Izzudin made me laughing my ass off.He was a non-stop talking machine,during that time.He acted like Alex,the Madagascar lion.Other friends were superb too.Firdaus was a Moniter for our group,while I'm an assitant moniter.

There were some activities that made me proud of myself.The most exciting part,I wrote some news for myself.My ambition.I want to be a Business Woman of IT like Bill Gates does.One day,I'll make The Next Revolution Of IT,and make all Muslims all over the world proud of me.I wanna be like Yiruma and Ludvvig Beethoven,cause I admire em so much.I wanna be like Stephanie Mayer,Sophie Kinsella and J.K Rowling,which are their stories are the bomb! Everybody wrote in BM,but I wrote in English.Haha,vainvain!All the facilitators gave me a very big clap,included friends.The facilitators met my parents,and non-stop gave me a compliment of my bombastic English.Ceh!They were laughing their asses of cause my hand and fingers was vibrating to fast.Heh,funnay.

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