Friday, August 7, 2009


Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.

Yaww.I skipped my school today.Yay!Hehe,cause the teachers won't let pupils who has a fever to come to school.Give a big clap to me!Aha,I do have a fever.Plus,a little headache too.And yet,my parents course has been cancelled.So,I have to go for my Motivation Camp tomorrow.That means,I don't have to go an extra class at school tomorrow and just go for a camp.Hehe,I can stay at my Religion School until midnight for the camp!Teehee:) No schoolworks!

I watched Bratz for two hours today.Oh so no,that ain't the problem.I don't get why I've been watching all these execution videos.They are extraordinary horrendous but I seem to have interest in watching them.Watching people getting hurt wasn't the only thing I've been doing all day,I've also found my Level 1 pinafore!Ain't that cute?Heee :) I tried to wear it.It's kinda short.Mini pinafore.Heh!Speaking of pinafore,I can't believe I'm gonna wear pinafore for next year.Heh,freakas. Okay,I better start packing for tomorrow.Haha,can't wait to play my favourite challenging game,Explorace.

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