Sunday, August 2, 2009


A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.

You got me staring at you

Hey.The clouds are starting to cry,heavily today.I'm cold!I'm currently wearing my lucky pink sweather,although it's not.Hee:)Well,Ekbal sms me last morning about the H1N1 case.Ily's cousin just perished.May God bless you.Ahh,this freaking disease started to spread around Melawati.Oh so no.I don't want to die!

Again,I was bored.I wish I have someone to talk to.Ekbal!Why you dind't online?I'm so vapid.And I feel like dieying.My parents were gone out too.Heh,I have to eat those freaking Maggie and biscuits.And I wish something delicate to eat.For God sakes,why in the world is the internet being a slow po?!I need to do some revisions in the internet and it has to twat today?Fug all the slits who are in charge of the internet system.It's almost 11.30 and I am still on my laptop, blogging.I'm just so miffed!I can't log into my Facebook.I won't be able to play my favourite game of entire world,Restaurant City today :( Blame the internet.

Get well soon,Ekbal Hamid :)

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