Tuesday, August 4, 2009


As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words.

Fyi, I gained all those quote at BrainyQuote

The quotes are over romantic too=D

Yaww.I have a good news and bad news.Hahas,Madagascar 2 trademark.Last morning,while 6th grader were enjoying their study group so much,suddenly the teacher called us.They asked us to gathered at assembly,and asked us who got a fever.Whoaa,I swear on my God's name.I guess 70% most of them are having a fever.Gosh,over oh.They wore a mask.And you know what?The teachers asked the pupils who got a fever,I mean who got a hot forehead until you can fry scramble egg,:D GO BACK HOME!Like grrrrr!They get an oppurtanity to have an 'extra' study at home.GrrrGrrr!My Naddy also having a fever.Plus,the conjuctivitis too.Whoa,your eyes bloody like vampire ,Naddy.Thank God,Yunee and me are way over stronger!Heee :)

Science was okay.Again,screw head.BM also okay maaaa :) I'm so happy today.My parents won't let me to go to Extra Class and Motivation Camp on this Saturday.They afraid about the swine flu thing.So,they decide to bring me to Kuantan on this Saturday.They having a course.Yahoo!At last,shortay holiday before the creepy exam begins.

Your just wasting your time doing all those stuff.Cari kerja lagi baik boleh tak,kakak?Ya Allah,takyah la cari gaduh oh.Dapat dosa lebih je en.Dah ah nak Ramadhan ni.Can't wait!

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