Monday, August 24, 2009


Few days left and Merdeka!

Today's a Monday.No wonderla kan.I'm getting bored.I still hate Mondays with or without school.Nothing best kat tv=D I don't know what will I be doing tomorrow.Maybe I'll attend my tuition.How bad is it?I don't want to fool around.UPSRUPSRUPSR.My friends sent a msg "Good Luck" "Jgn main2".It doesn't make any sense,kan?Well,that's how I'm currently feeling.I need an ice bag.I need to cool off.Mandi lama pun dah la makruh kan.But,I don't want to drink the solid to liquid thing.HAHA!It's just a Science formula,so easy lah nak memorise.I want to be fat.Maybe 40 kg or something.Or else,I can't wear my kebaya because of the superkurus.Like,my friends semua dah reach 154++ cm.I je pendek.I je kurus keding.Grr.

Since my whole family went out,the tv was my mate.I kan the only one in my family :)Watched Wonderpets and Detective Conan.Tahulah childish,like you care=p New BFF for a few hours on Twilight.Haha.Edward Cullen.For God's sake!The murderer is just complete boneheads.I mean come on!Why you didn't think properly when you're gonna do something?Like nak bunuh tak jadi je -_- I almost forget,it's just an anime story.Thats the matter infact.A STORY.They wanna do something catchy to attract people keep watching it.My UPSR is in 15 days.I'm in a state of anxiety!Haish,when I'm gonna say this:"Yahooorayyy!Lalaweeweelala" Aha,after Upsr le.Only God knows whether I'm primed to take the test.Nak muntah dpn Maths paper tu.Mengadap 24 hours.Hmm,I better get going to revise some subjects.Perhaps Science?

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