Friday, August 14, 2009


Baby, you are the weapon I choose.

Heyya :) It's currently 7.12 pm on Friday,and surprisingly,I'm blogging.Maybe it's the chilly weather that's making my body acting all slotholike.It has been raining for the past few days.Oh yeah,I passed up my form already.Yayho!The most shocking thing,Zack's signed up for Lembah Keramat school.Heh.I can't meet youuu!Blame the Melawatians high school students who act like a shit.See,our own Melawatians elementary school doesn't want to enter the school,just because of the social.Curse you,idiot.Some of them signed up for Victoria.What a whoa.I want 5As,I want CBN.Hehe.Swiney-swine flu.Speaking of H1N1,it's finally in this nation! : / So yes, be careful with the air you breathe. It might have those porky bacterium in it.Many people die because this porky thing.The PIBG bought us sanitizer.Which is,it smells like you're in hospital,and some apple fragance,I think.Well,Aiman responsible for giving every classmates a few drops of sanitizer.Weeho,I loike it=D

Farah's amazed the fact that I can sleep in class and yet,remember my dreams. Wait,no.To even manage to have dreams.Hahas.My dreams had Zack's and Hakim's voice in class during the one hour free period during Religious Study.Perhaps some of the classmates dind't realise that.You know why?Because they were probably right beside-beside my seat,observing and read some childish books.Insaf dah tu.UPSR dah dekat.Faris was acting like two times five with other prefects.Heh,makin friendly dengan aku pula tu.Ceh=D I don't get why it seems to be an in thing nowadays.In class that is.

Have you noticed the weather has been erratically hot and cold?Like,unpredictable?The haze?Whoa. I can't stay in the house without at least turning on my superduper speedy fan.It's just,well,a must even though it's gonna make the electricity bill go wooshie woosh in a blink.Heee,it ain't my fault it feels like hell everyday.Besides,my superduper fan saves electricity so much.Bill naik sikit je=D Did I tell you Najla has got a new phone? Fuck you hoe.Haha.I'm so nicey nice,I just had to type like that.Ehh,no.Fuck means fokus untuk capai kejayaan!Hee.She's coming over for a card reader. Futuristic phone with lousy freebies? Haha.And you know what?At Religion school,Aina brought her phone.She showed this horny music video(This Love-Maroon 5).Haha,that lady in the video doesn't wear a bra when she was kissing with a man.Eww!Sumpah blue.Haha.I need to go to my teacher's house.He is having a little feast.I'm totally famish right now.Come on,I'm just 32 kg.Why can't I eat more?Teehee:)

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