Saturday, August 22, 2009


Our love is like a song.

Hey.Just chatted with Azriel.He's my junior.Nothing to do after did some Maths worksheet.Then,check my Maths paper 1 last trial exam.Check check,dapat 36.Haha,agaknyalah kan.Cause sometimes kat Maths paper lain,OMR pun lain.Blabla.My belly just made a drum voice.Memekak je =_= I wanna watch House Of Wax,but nah.I don't want to add any sin.Too much of sex violance.Bluek!

Gosh,I hate holidays.I can't meet teachers or friends.I feel like wanna meet teachers every hour.I afraid I can't perfom well in UPSR.Bapak bosan duduk rumah kan.Dahla takde siblings,mengadap muka sendiri 24 hours.I can't met Faris and Zack.Grr,mcm hell je.They're my superheroes and classmates.Haha,Faris starting to make lame jokes dah.Siap check motor ustaz vote party mana lagi.Teruks.Zack,always lah kan.Non-stop tuduh I with Nik.I was thinking about food that I'm going to eat during breaking fast.Haha,I was thinking rendang and dates juice.Yummay!Okay,I better stop writing before I wasting my time writing some craps here:)

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