Thursday, August 6, 2009


Adding sound to movies would be like putting lipstick on the Venus de Milo.

Hey peeps.My eyes are quite red today.I had to swallow the Strepils every hour.My sore throat are getting worst!It's all about the haze.Let's skip about the haze.English was okay.I put the bombastic word.Hehe.I want to get 99 or 100 like Amal does.Grr,I'm so envy of you!Okay,nevermine.There's still ample of time to polish up those 5 subjects.5A?Aku yang punya:) School was very okay.Hakim did his Pinocchio nose!He can kempiskan his nose!I want to do it,but I barely can't.My nose can't kempis.Or else,I can't breath=D

JPS a.k.a Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Selangor is so____.Every year,they always give the secondary school form after UPSR.Wilayah cepat semacam -,-.Grrr,tak pasal Ekbal dah dapat form.Jealousy conqure all.He got KYS form!Like,haishhh.Who doesn't know KYS?I wanna play orchestra:(Najwa Amira tak dapat-dapat lagi.Heh,nevermine.The whole school under Selangor doesn't get anything yet.Just wait and wait after UPSR.33 days left.Yayho!Those Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia is like a ghost.Gahaa,it's true.Zack did it.This convo was so___

Cikgu :Yang belum kasi gambar tu,cepat sikit.Nak hantar kat Lembaga ni.Kalau tak,takyah ambil periksa.
Yang Tak Hantar Pics:Okay!
Boys :Alah,lagi 33 hari creepy exam doh!
Cikgu :Tahu takpe.Sebab tu,tak boleh buang masa lagi dah.

The bell rangs.

Cikgu :Hah!Jangan lupa bawa gambar.Cikgu nak hantar kat Lembaga cepat-cepat
Zack :Lembaga tu hantu?
Murni-ers :HAHAHA!Alyzack buat lawak!HAHAHAHA!
Cikgu :Zack,Zack.Adake Lembaga tu hantu?
Najwa Amira :Lembaga memang hantu.Lembaga sejenis benda aneh.Lembaga is a ghost!

My class moniter wrote the countdown at the blackboard."Lembaga is coming to town."

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