Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Ramadhan!

Everything really does happen for a reason.

Hey people.My friends were walking happily after the school session.I know,we're gonna celebrate Ramadhan.Plus the holidays too.Nah,only 3 days for sure.Then,school time for the 6th grader.We feel the beat and heat already.We're gonna pray Solat Hajat again for this year.I mean,with parents.Melawati 2 such a good school,we've done it 2 times.We also pray Solat Hajat every Friday.I was lucky to be at Melawati 2:) And I get 88% for Pemahaman.Hehe.

I'm sorry,friends.I'm sorry cause I lied to you too much.I sorry if I insult you for no reasons.I'm sorry if I bullied you too much.Haha.I know, it's not in Syawal month,but I want this Ramadhan is much better than last year.I'm so lucky cause I was born in the year of 1997.Expecially when I'm gonna take UPSR in holy month.I hope I can get a super-brain during UPSR like Mr Aznam said so.Extra-ordinary-brain.Well,my UPSRA is in 2nd of October.Of course,I have to memorise about 1 Juzuk from An-Nas until An-Naba.Instead of memorising,I can gain some extra rewards from Allah.No,not some.Maybe tripple or more than that.I was thinking about Lailatul Qadar night about ustaz told me last morning.I wonder if I get this night.Tarawih prayer was awesome!I was thinking if ustaz gonna do Tilawah Al-Quran for 6th grader last year.I guess he gonna do it.Cause the last year batch did it,why not 2009?If yes,I'm gonna get awesome stuff like last year did such as dates and scarf.But,that's not the main reason why I like this activity so much.We will recite holy verses during the recess time.Extra rewards.

Happy Ramadhan and Happy fasting :)

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