Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Always write angry letters to your enemies.Never mail them.

Hey.I had an extra class at school today.Same as yesterday.Only God knows how exhausted I am.Expecially when I've fighted with some mosquitoes.Yeah,I called that mosquito war.Hmm,Murni-ers combined with Wawasan-ers.Equals too?Hell yeah,you know what happen.When the loud classes combined.Plus the boys.They were running around and playing like a child.Did you realise that your bushes starting to come out?Did you realise that your voice is going to change?You better stop your childish way before people starting to call you immature boys who's gonna be in Form 1.

I have plenty of Science and Maths work to do.I don't know,I'm getting addict to Maths subject.I'm starting to realise that Maths is an awesome subject.To Alya Rohaizan,I did enter the competition.Sorry,I didn't get an oppurtanity to reply your message.I was too sad during that time.A big-big sorry.I sent the manuscript around my examination week.Maybe my brain doesn't give any bombastic ideas during that time.Well,I'm still can enter the competition next year.Plus,I'm only have a piano examination and I have no important exam next year.I'm wonder what's gonna be on 2010.Sounds like lucky number.

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