Thursday, August 13, 2009


All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

I love you with all my heart,like I love my ex-boyfriend Jensen Ackles.Heehe.You're my understanding*toot*.I will never ever forget the first day we met at 1 Murni.We decorated our paper bags together.Do contact me bila dah masuk asrama.Ok,Nadiah Athirah a.k.a my bloody smarty Maths partner?Teeehe:)

Yaww.It's Thursday 13th.Anything happened?I'm currently making some research about my future secondary school.Heh.I dind't send my school form yet.But of course,my favourite school among all are CBN and SAB.I love these two schools.Well,my parents told me to apply Melawati,first.After results has announce,I can make my own choice.Yahoooray!20 of my classmates apply for the hostel thing.Although some of them gained 3As,they get an oppurtanity to apply.Grrr,I just wanna go to CBN!Grrr.It's just a bit problematic of the transport.Heh.

My new place was veryvery absolutelybloody okay!Very.I loike it very much.The teachers were too caring,and keep asking "Understand?" to me.What a lucky.Seems that,I have a wrong though to my place.Sitting on the first row is very fun!My friends can't disturb me and I can easily study safe and sound.My new neighbour,I mean my friend who is sitting next to me,Thiviya is friendly too.Haha,criminal.In this paragraph,I'm gonna curse my heart out on the fact that I only have 25 days left till my UPSR.Grr,I can't tell you how anxious I am.I'm so glad,Nadiah Athirah(my best friend since 1st grader also known as my side-splitting )was applying for hostel.So,your desire almost reach the top huh?All the pondering about the test in my head is cramming impulses in asking me to hit the books.Grr.Did you realise how many 'grr' I wrote in this post?

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