Thursday, August 20, 2009


I myself prefer my New Zealand eggs for breakfast.

Hey.I finished my last trial before the creepy exam begins today.Arabic language was moderately okay,I guess.Listen,I do learn BM and English.Okay,maybe I don't have any problem in these subjects.I do learn Italian,French,and Latin during my Theory lesson.Haha,I only knew the vocabulary of music or expressions or something,peeps.I do learn Mandarin,thanks to my piano classmates and teachers who teach me,although I'm not really know about it.I was not born to be a linguistic person.I was born to be like Bill Gates or Yiruma.I wish I can gain an apple for my Arabic.This year,I never ever gain A.Usually 70++.Blahs,say whatever you like.Macam ah kau pandai sangat.If you say yes,then show me some hundred.

I feel like to kick,punch and slap this kid.Well,I was tie-ying my hair.Wore a clip and all those stuff.And I let my hair free too.Haha,my hair was kinda long,about my chess level.Let me tell you.This kid,her mouth was like a ____ .She told me that I coloured my hair.Shit you!Like hello?I never ever did something to my hair except the rebond thing.Maybe my hair was extremely reddish.I know.If you see my hair colour,you will think I coloured it cause it was too reddish!My parents have a total black hair.Secalit pun tak perang.Mama plus papa equals to reddish hair,Mira.Heh.But,I felt very lucky to have a reddish hair.My friends sibuk nak colour rambut,I dah officially natural.Thanks to God!It's annoiying,you know.What's your feeling if someone tell you faking yourself,but it's extremely natural from God?What if,someone tell you it is an original,but it's fake?No,I'm not gonna blame you,kid.You're just wet behind the ears.Sorry if I being too emo-ish lately.My mood is not stable anymore.Expecially it is in 18 days.My McD has arrive.My Mcflurry and Big Mac is calling.Boi syg<3

Did you merajuk?

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