Friday, July 31, 2009

So Close

Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.

-This thing just gave me a creep

Hey.I received my UPSR slips and timetable today.I have to check all those numbers and the name.Okay,take a short breath,Mira.Everybody has a butterfly in the belly right now.Fuhh,thank God.I get an oppurtanity to study extra one day on this week.Yay!Monday is a holiday.As usual,I accidently slept during the Yassin.Ahh,I finished my homework around 12 pm or something.Exhausted.I'm not the only one who has bouncy way anymore.

I have a knee ache right now.Sounds odd.Alyzack kick my table for no reasons.So,the table kena my knee.Ahhh,I'm feeling like dieyinng.I kick you million times,baru tau.And the most annoiying part,he said "Salam takziah".Then,Goh's turn to disturbed me.Well,he danced like a ballerina.He walked like a girl.Of course,I spoke to him with the good reasons.For no reasons,he catched me like I'm a criminal.I ran as fast as I can to my place like people who saw a vampire.Suddenly,Alyzack kacau daun.Haish!As soon as possible,I said "Goh,please act like a boy.Walk like a boy.Not a girl!" For the first time ever,Alyzack be a lawyer to Goh."You're a bloody hell." Little did i know,I never said this word to anyone "You're a bloody ass,Alyzack"

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