Monday, July 27, 2009


A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love.

I'm gonna miss your all your films,Yasmin Ahmad.Your films are superb!I can get all those messages that you're going to say.I adore Mukhsin and Talentime films.Seriously,your films are among the best in Malaysia,that I ever knew.You made Malaysian people proud of you.The Berlin Festival,Japan and all those awards.May you rest in peace,Yasmin Ahmad.God loves you more.

So far,my Monday sounds good.Nahh,even I received a love letter.
Okay, ew.Is that supposed to be sweet or something?Ahh,if the boy sounds so gentlemen,why you have to do all these stuff?Come on,just face to face.Easy.Nah,I haven't finish this story yet.I wonder who gave me the letter.Actually,Amni and Suraya decided to prank me.Sounds like eff-you-see-kay.They said that they wanted to make our friends relationship become closer and closer everyday.Kurang asam punya kawan=p But,nevermine.They said sorry.Heh,thank God I dind't took it serious about the love letter.Or else,I look dumb infront of friends:( Oh boy,I keep thinking about you.

Ekbal tak puas hati=p
And,you should have a blog,you know.

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