Thursday, July 23, 2009


The superhero's on a vacation, I don't want the sidekick.

-Hail Haris is so funnay

Greeting worms.I keep saying YES,YES,YES!Aha,every second,minute and hour.Imagine that :) Guess what,I got 5As!Yahoolalaweewee.3Al and 2A2.Oh so yes,I hate that.However,I'm still happy for that.Oh come on,it is only a trial.It is UPSR.Can you imagine yourself,taking SPM?Even a trial?Aha,I do love Biology.I stealed my pet sister's book.Biology is beyond awesome.I freaking hate that part when it is time to operate the rat and frog.Oh so ewww!Plus,it requires a lot of MB in your brain.Let see,I have a brain of 50 MB.Which is,I can easily forget when people starts to disturbia me.Oh yeah,my mom start talking about the secondary school.She want me to go to Brass band and Orchestra school.That would probably be Convent Bukit Nenas or Seri Bintang Utara or St Mary.I prefer CBN and SBU.Well,CBN is an afternoon school while SBU is a morning school.My parents prefer morning school :) Ohh,me too.And my mind started to get 'into' the complicated:D It means,I keep thinking about secondary school.OhmyGod,keep thinking about UPSR first,Mira.

With my new earphone,I can hear my Ipod safely safe and sound.Hee.Last two months,my earphone was such a bitch.I had to twist around the wire.Oh so sh*t.Then,the problematic was getting worst.I had to change the position and all those misery stuff.Nowww,the next revolution of earphonee!I can change my earphone's cap anytime anywhere.It's in the set!According to my mood,I prefer blue.Cause it match with my Ipod.


bigtumtums said...

Hi Miraa!

This is penbooster from xanga
... but I also have a blog here. :)

Thanks for the comment in my blog! :)

najwaamira said...

Your welcome:)

Ekbal said...

dont go to St Mary, diorang gedik nak mampus!