Thursday, July 9, 2009


Awak dah tak sayang saya:(

Yo people!I currently missing JAC course.Eee,now I'm having AXC 2.Freaking weird oh.I have to do too fast furious chromatic skills.The skills was too troppo
.It means to much.Okey people!I'm gonna use all those Italian words in my post kay?Theory thing always spin my head right round.I hate theory!I have to do to much writing and remember all those________I'm gonna sit for the exam next year.Urgh,my life was such a busydoom.Every year,i must seat for the exam.Aiyoo.Saya nak jadi budak kecil balik :)

Blahsss.My trial marks were getting and getting assai gratifying.Be proud,Mira:))) Ohh,it means very.The others,you learn yourself at home yaaa!I totally can't believe it.It increase excessively.Blabla.Expecially the Science.Proud gila masa tu dapat tinggi.Pfft.The teacher pun said " Congratulations,Najwa.Well done! " Well, you know how much i'm happy that time.Ehh,do you want to add any sin people?Okey,be a hackers then.

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