Friday, July 3, 2009


My face,when i webbo with other people:D

Hey doers.It's technically Friday,so that means my brain can have a little rest.
Not too much.Or else,i'm blur.It's July,peeps.That means,i have to start fasting this week.OMG,it's almost August.Perhaps,i need a little an energy to fasting during this tired-ing month?

Blahhs.I'm thinking, lately people always stares me and give a very nasty looks.Am i a criminal?It gives me an unpleasent feeling,you know.Dude,did i make you disgust me?Well,i'm sure you know me well.
I can easily forgive people when i like too.Patheticly,most of the time.Although the people keep disgusts me and makes me want to regurgitate.I don't care.I don't want the people keep saying this"Miraaa,i'm sorry.Please forgive me!".I'm very sorry and pity to the people did that to me.Let it gone by gone.But please,do not take an advantege from me.Lastly,don't judge a book by it's cover.It was so wrong.People always think that i'm so flirt,arrogant,expecially when you stay at top ranking class.Hey!Everybody have their own personality.And it's up to them to colour their life.

Love my layout?<3

Dude,does the pain weigh out the pride?

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