Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hey.Let's talk about school.Well,my school had an Active Day school level this morning.I've danced poco-poco.Imagine that :) With retarded dance,ha?ha? words were all around.Oh come on,just dance to the rythm.Ahaa,not to forget.All those aerobics.L.O.V.E and Dealova.My friends were patheticly destined to be a talented singer.Yeahh,they should.Seriously,they just love singing.Apart of their life,isn't that true,Teenagers?

Seriously,i got my Science an apple.Increase baybeh!And,my religion school was a champion for the exam thing.Yeah,Gombak Zone.Weeho,happy.I want to ask you,am I flirt?This boy a.k.a maknyahtahpape,said I'm very flirt.Wtheck?Did i mention you why I became flirt,suddenly?Whoa,he always kick my chair when i was doing my work.Irritating part.The most anoiyyyyying part,he asked the teacher.The vocabulary of flirt in Arabic.Yeahhh,you're airhead!You're think you smart enough?Oh,I think you tripple misrable than me.

This Johannian guy,asked me for a cellphone number.Pffft:DD

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