Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Enjoy The Show

Heyya.It's Wednesday right?Okey,Mira.2 more months to UpsR.Taip pun dah tak betul.Haishh.So far,school was nice.Study group time,swine flu,and all those things that makes me happy wee wee.Teng,the brattest girl of all.She pushed my head.It was to hard,you know.I felt like,crying!Haha,padan muka.

First time,i touched boys hair.Goh Wen Jin.Your hair was so soft.Like rebonding!More softer than girl's hair.It's pity you,boy.Everybody calls you pondan.Haha.And,how come Zack told my friends that he is my couple?Hadoii!He's to lembut for me.No way.I just,like to make friends with him.Goh baik.The most anoyying part,Low Yi En aka Kimberly's future husband and God love to kick me.They were so anoiyying!Thank God,Goh's shoe dind't touched my face.Ewww!Geli siot.And i realised,there's a Edward Cullen in my class.Baru perasan.Maybe his hair he belah tepi kot.Haha,whatever.I lalalove The Show song.I want my money back!

It was really painful

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