Saturday, July 4, 2009


Meet Emmy,my best friend in chat.

Hey bubble gum.It's bloody Saturday.So that means,my extra tuition class is starting.Oh mama,why you want to do all these?It's tired-ing,you know.Plus another extra class at school.I want all these stuff over.As soon as possibble!

Okey,i'm totally hundred percent bored.Well,my fingers are way bloody cause i'm writing too much,for the homework.Not all of my friends online.I'm sitting on a chair,looking at the laptop.My parents are not at home.They probably have an exhibition at PWTC.You know how much boring is my life,isn't?I don't have any siblings,i only play with things.Such as piano,guitar and laptop.Heee.They're my best friends among all at home.Not to forget you Tary<333.Not to forget,my besties in Myspace and MSN, Emmy,Zeka,Sabrina,Hail,Balqis.Seriously, you're the best among the best!

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