Monday, July 13, 2009


This dress was to awesome!

Wassup humans.I've just got back from my study table.Isn't that nerd?Blabla.Not so,i guess.I think i tripple bimbo and misrable than you do,right?Blahhs.Come on,Upsr is around the corner.My PMR is in 2012,which is the goverment going to change the language.Can't imagine.It is not in English anymore.In BAHASA MELAYU.Hey dudas,who loves English.Let's pray to the Lord and let the miracle happens.Who knows?

Blahhs.It was so fun today.6th grader were changing their place last afternoon.It is for the trial,dude.The turns number of number turns.Blabla.Who cares?I've been mixed with 3 pupils form Wawasan-ers.Okey,nevermind.Who the hack cares?At least,Murni-ers are all there for me :) Haha,Faris too.I never though that he was friendly.Like,i never talk to him before.We were classmates.I mean,only once in my life i talk to him.When i've corrected him from facts or something.Yeahh right,headoftheprefect.Angel infront of the girls eyes.I'm not that bimbo,okey?I'm just bombo!:D

Blabla,i'm so not gonna write my blog until the sacrifise going to end,i mean this week.Get that strangers?

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