Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hey peeps.Heh,my trial exam is over.Hahas.Finally,i can take a rest for a while.I'm currently have a bad dry cough.It is so irritating.My throat is getting itchy and ichier.Wasn't that bad?Blahhs.I've just got my BM paper.Okay,second highest.Still so not gratifying.I watching Yiruma's Maybe music video.Seriously,you are my idol,Yiruma.Oh yeah,Science and English were very easy.I'm just needed to screw up my brain.That's all.No offence,yeah?

When I got home, I spent an hour on the piano and guitar.Hahas.Zack asked me to practise The Show song.And,how come he asked me to practise Michael Jackson's songs?Haha.Too much heh,isn't it?Wee,NajwaAmira's is currently addict to Yiruma's song.Weeiho!
Yunee was planning to go outing after Upsr.We're gonna watch New Moon.OhMyGod,it reminds me about Edward Cullen.How hot is he,right?Well,i think StephenieMeyer stories are beyond awesome.It's all about the Earth.You see,Twilight,New Moon,Eclipse,and Breaking Dawn.I'm gonna get all those books,Stephanie!Well, speaking about movies,I can't wait to watch The Chronicles Of Narnia : THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER .You better google it,ya!It's in 2010,peeps.

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