Saturday, July 18, 2009


Yo people!My Religion examination were quite easy.I can do it well okay!Haha.Kinda proud.Although my nose was doing some 'technical' problem.Hee.I met Iman too.She knows me.That means,i'm popular at Myspace.Hee,vain too much :D She was very nice and friendly.I like her!Okayyy,first of all,everybody knows.The Manchaster United thing.Glory MU!Haha,i'm the biggest fan of MU.Plus,Real Madrid.Don'tget wrong.I'm starting to like Real Madrid,when my blogger friend,Amirul Akmal wrote about RM in his blog.Seriously,you're freakas RM addict!They won since 1969,you know.Er,if i not mistaken le :D Go MU!And Malaysia too :)

See that girl?Emelia Bahari!She's the girl with that brit accent.Heeee :) You're the first,friendly girl that I've ever had in Myspace.I always remember that moment.I'm sorry if I never had an oppurtanity to talk with you,babe.Seriously,I want to chat with non-stop after UPSR!I always want to meet you.Imagine if you were in Kuala Lumpur :D Then,we can go outing.Together and Forever.You know,how hard it is to find an astonishing friend,as you?By the way,Happy Birthday Emelia Bahari!I'll always pray for your success.

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